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We have rolls of custom printed packaging tape with our company logo and our certification body's logo, due to an unfortunate stock taking error we double ordered rolls of this tape - only to find out a few weeks later that our certification body changed their logo.
We estimate that it will take us close to two years to use all of the tape. Now every audit (and has been so for at least the last three years - both AS9100 and ISO14001), our certification body asks us to get rid of the tape, with such keen ambition that my predecessor had taken to hiding the tape just before the audits started.
The guidelines issued by the CB on use of their logo do not give any instruction as to what we should do in the event that the logo is updated. During our last audit, the auditor spotted some used on a box ready for shipment and issued an OFI to "remove all obsolete versions on receipt of the new batch of tape on order" (there was no tape on order).

Can a non-conformance be raised surrounding use of their logo in this context?

It seems annoying to be hiding boxes of tape during an audit and wasteful to chuck it away (not very ISO14001!).
In the meantime, our stores team and our director have learnt their lesson, no more printed packaging material - although the CB hasn't yet noticed the literal hundreds of stacked cardboard boxes with the same logo printed there is that to look forward to.


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1 - don't use the logo!

2 - And yes you can probably get a NC (you'd better have someone that can read, read the contract with your CB.

(not very ISO14001!).
At no time does ISO 14001 mention any of this.

Sidney Vianna

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Can a non-conformance be raised surrounding use of their logo in this context?
There should be a contractual stipulation between you and your CB about that. So technically, they could enforce it. Best thing to do is to exchange an email with the management of the CB, explaining the situation, agreeing to deplete the current stock of marked material. Keep a copy of the email handy if an auditor says anything and case solved.


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Thank you Sidney! You were correct, I found something in the contract. A good idea with the email too.
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