Use of customer forms for PPAP - Color schemes vs. Content



Certain customers seem more interested in receiving PPAP's that fit neatly into their color schemes or file cabinets; rather than content.

Customer A once provided to suppliers a mandatory list of office supplies/vendors/catalog number of which to construct a PPAP's.

The motivation of this post, Customer B, has just mandated that customers submit using only Customer B's newly created (and numerous) electronic forms. As a bulk supplier, our PFMEA's, control plans, etc. already exist and are updated often. Does there exist any language in the new edition of PPAP that would allow the supplier to continue submitting information in their own media without risking QS9000 non-compliance?


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You're sorta between a rock and a hard place, so to speak. I doubt you'll like my solution as it is somewhat agressive.

If it was me (assuming current contracts), I would start with the approach that when the contract was agreed upon there was no 'special' customer requirement for special documentation/forms, etc. and as such the contract terms are being changed - you have an issue of a contract revision. I would work up a cost figure for the 'special' paperwork (materials, man-hours labour [both initially and per contract long term]) and propose your solution - "I'll do anything you want but you must pay for it".

You should add this 'condition' (customer requirement for special, non-standard documentation / forms) to your quote review checklist so that it is addressed in the future.

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Ya probably wont like my advice either, I agree you are between a rock and a hard place. I also agree that some customer's just want pretty forms so it looks good in their office. I think this is one of the most fustrating "things" about QS--the people who require it don't understand it. You are at the whim of the SQE (Supplier Quality Engineer) of the month. I have submitted PPAP's that were signd off by one SQE, just to have it rejected by the next SQE, and subsequently approved again by that persons successor...etc.. It just goes on and on. What to do? Like I said you may not like it but, unless you fortuante enough to be the "only game in town" you will end up doing what the customer wants.

Ask the customer if what forms they prefer, and ask them if they have electronic versions they can send will save you future disagreements. If not use the forms directly out of the QS manual, electronic versions are available for purchase though AIAG. Unfortunaltly this still may not be enough...

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