Use of Excel and VBA (visual basic for applications) in quality systems



Hello all,

I'm currently an intern at a Tier 1 Automotive supplier and a lot of my work involves excel spreadsheets of anything from measurement data to finance records. I have taken it upon myself to learn the inner workings of excel to make my job easier. I've successfully created programs which can automate most of my work and even provide my fellow workers with tools to expedite their own spreadsheet requirements (i.e. creating 500 worksheets for financial records with a macro).

My question is where is the best place to apply this sort of knowledge if not in the Automotive industry? Is there better potential in another field or should I move onto using spreadsheet analytics in finance for a better raise?

If that's too much to take in have this tl;dr

Soon to be college grad learns uses of VBA coding, wants to get involved in the right field early so asks advice of those who know the markets better

Thanks in advance

-Leo M


Thank you Steve, I've always had my eye on government work. The types of statistics I'm learning in automotive quality might be a little different however. I'm doing my best to absorb all the information I can about the commonly used statistical methods and programs like Minitab and especially excel, hopefully they can be applied towards experience in a "Quant" job.


If you are really interested in this kind of work, please look at the below:

Supply chain analyst roles involves lot of data gathering, automation and smart decision making to improve the important metrics like productivity, inventory turns etc.

Since you are working in Tier-1, you can get to meet some folks within that organization on how they manage supply chain network.

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