Use of safety glasses at receiving inspection


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is it mandatory to use of safety glasses at receiving inspection according to OHSAS standard. our job is to do dimensional inspection


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I will echo what somashekar said; the use of ANY safety equipment is (in general) determined by the hazards present in the workplace, or that are created by the work performed.
With that being said, there are also 'best practices' that you are recommended to follow so that you have a defense of due diligence in the case of an accident. The most common of these is safety boots and glasses - but if you are doing dimensional inspection, then I would think that safety glasses would only interfere with visual acuity - if there is no need for them, then don't use them.


I have worked a few places where safety glasses were required for any personnel on the production floor, even if you were just passing through. Some of them had "Exclusion Zones," which were marked off with yellow lines on the floor and appropriate signage. Inspection only areas were included in these areas, and did not require glasses when in the properly marked Zone.

You might consider this approach.


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Echoing what others have said, it depends on the receiving inspection 'hazards'. If there is a hazard to the eyes, wear safety glasses. I have seen receiving inspection have to wear special gloves to protect the hands from a semi-acidic coating. In this case, I think I would want to wear safety glasses as well but I don't recall if they were required.


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When you say OSHAS do you mean the 18000 standard? If so, I can't comment. But if it is the same as OSHA's requirements then I agree with the others. There should be an audit of hazards the workers may be near. The hazards determine the PPE needs. Therefore the answer to your question may be yes, but only if you have determined you need them. However, as others point out, I find it hard to believe that you would need them in an area that only dimensional inspection takes place.

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I assume (from your profile) that your factory is located in India. Below are India's safety regulations concerning eye protection (from the Factories Act of 1948):

Chapter IV

35. Protection of eyes.

In respect of any such manufacturing
process carried on in any factory as may be prescribed, being a
process which involves--
(a) risk of injury to the eyes from particles or fragments
thrown off in the course of the process, or
(b) risk to the eyes by reason of exposure to excessive
the State Government may by rules require that effective screens or
suitable goggles shall be provided for the protection of persons employed on, or in the immediate vicinity of, the process.

This is only additional information (just in case you were not aware of it) and it should not detract from the advice of the other Covers, which I agree with. A thorough assessment of the related hazards will definitely tell you if this task requires the use of safety glasses, and OHSAS 18001 seems to go above and beyond your regulations in this case.

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is it mandatory to use of safety glasses at receiving inspection according to OHSAS standard. our job is to do dimensional inspection


The OHSAS document does not mention safety glasses or anything else so the simple answer is NO!

Now there may be some need based upon the presence of potential eye hazards, but OHSAS 18001 doesn't required diddly-do
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