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USFDA vs NRTL/IEC 17025 Differences - Compliance testing lab


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Need clarification on the USFDA requirements for compliance testing lab, guidance documents if any and what is the major difference between USFDA requirement Vs IEC 17025/NRTL.

please help.


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I was really hoping someone would jump on this. I think this is going to take a bit of unwinding so here goes...

IEC 17025 is just a standard for providing test services (among other things). Many companies that are not NRTLs are certified to 17025.

An NRTL is a test lab recognized by OSHA and allows the lab to give authorization to apply a safety mark (e.g., UL, ETL, etc., for compliance to 60601-1). I don't think a test lab can be an NRTL without certification to 17025.

My understanding is that, in the US, hospitals won't allow devices in unless they have a safety mark. I've never tried it, but it *may* be possible to submit data for FDA clearance (presuming such data is required) demonstrating compliance to 60601-1 without going through an NRTL. (And I know you can do the testing outside of an NRTL, submit the data to an NRTL, and if all is good, get approval to apply a safety mark).

I *think* this is how it is; hopefully if someone knows otherwise, they'll weigh in.


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Hi yodon,

Thanks for clarifying me.

Can you share me any official website links or any documents or objective evidence in this regards.

Please do the needful.



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Nothing really specific, but:
Hopefully that helps some.

Thanks a million.
I just required few more clarifications
Is there any mandatory requirements in US FDA that a medical device compliance testing should be conducted only with NRTL lab and the testing conducted in NRTL lab will only accepted by US I get any CFR evidences. Please


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Hmm... I don't know. Never tried. I don't think there's anything in the regulations about it. As mentioned earlier, to get a safety mark, the test lab has to be an NRTL and we've always needed to apply a safety mark. I believe I've seen products cleared by FDA when tested to 60601-1 in labs outside the US so I expect it's possible. No direct experience, though.
My experience is that NRTL labs require 17025 calibrations, but they do not comply with 17025. I have worked with UL certified testing labs, and one of UL's requirements is that the equipment used by the testing lab receives 17025 accredited calibrations.
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