Using a Complaint Management Software (Medical Device companies)

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Are there better ways to handle complaints for medical device companies?

I'm working with a team that provides quality management solutions for medical device companies and a few teams have approached us to build a better complaint management system. I wanted to gauge interest before we approach an application like this since there are a few competitors in this space:

1) How are you handling complaints right now?
2) Would you use a simple, low-cost complaint management solution to manage things like complaint tracking, MDR assessments, metric trending, risk assessment, etc?
3) What kind of features would you want to see in a complaint management system?

Thanks for the feedback!


1- eQMS and paper based systems (different manufacturers)
2- I already use QMS software
3- The features need to be based on the requirements of whichever QMS the customer wishes to follow.


1) paper and home grown system
2) have an QMS system that handles most of that, Complaints/MDR very small usage
3) Features really depend on the focus. What I need would be a good complaint tracking that could turn into an MDR tracking as needs to serve both Customer Service and cross over as needed into the regulated world. With that said a lot of CS systems are industry specific in their layouts so....
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