Using FMEA for Job Safety Analysis?



Has anyone heard of this?. It was originally brougnt to my attention from the FMEA software vendor that we use.

I have since heard many organizations taking the FMEA methodology and using it for conducting thier Job Safety Analysis studies.

The soiftware folks emailed me a sample study that I will share with you. The HTML document the program generates cannot be uploaded to this forum for some reason, so i will save it in Word and allow you to view it from there.
If you have dificulties reading it, just let me know.

I'd like to find out if anyone has thought about, or had any sucess using this method also?

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Kevin Mader

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I use the FMEA as many ways as I can. Safety is just one area to apply the FMEA. As a suggestion, try applying the FMEA process to determine what documents you should place under document control.;)



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It's pretty standard. Normally we call it Job Hazard or Job Safety Analysis. OSHA requires employers to do it, and the formats vary from company to company.


I think the FMEA (both D & P) is one of the best tools ever conceived for designing and analysing a process and it can be used for virtually anything, including home life (child safety comes to mind).

Now if only I could convince our Engineers of that. :mad:



Not to stray too far from the topic; but DCX has a note on their bulletin board that requires all suppliers to develop a control plan, FMEA and flow chart for the delivery process. It's quite extensive and includes a process checklist.

Atul Khandekar

A client of ours in UK I visited last month for installing our FMEA software has identified 'Safety FMEA' as a third type of FMEA in addition to 'Process' and 'Design'. In fact the first FMEA we created after installing the software was for using a Fork Truck on the shop floor.


Big three ... One question. The software you are using for your FMEA's and JSA's. Can you differentiate the libraries between your two desired applications?:thedeal:
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