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Hello all!

I am currently doing my internship at a company where I have been the project manager for creating a Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001. This has been a big challenge, but I must say it has been a success, and the company is on track to get certified soon!

After the summer, I have to write my bachelor thesis, and I would like it to be about the QMS I have created. However, I am a bit unsure about the exact focus of my thesis. I was wondering if the Elsmar Gods might have some ideas on how I could structure the project.

The project should include:

  • Analysis
  • Implementation
  • Cost of implementation
I am the only person who has been creating the system, so I would say I know it pretty well. I have also written all the procedures and the QA plan. However, I cannot use this material directly for my bachelor thesis, as it hasn't been written during the bachelor period.

At the start of the project, the QMS should be fully operational, and there should have been three internal audits by then. The certification bureau will audit us in October. I know there are areas that could be improved, but I am afraid it might not be enough.

So if any of you have experience or suggestions on what I could do, it would be greatly appreciated. Have a nice day, everyone!

Ed Panek

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In your analysis I would include:

(To implement)
How many hours expected
How many calendar days
Unexpected challenges
Major setbacks
(After use)
Survey of users
Internal audit results post implementation
Quality policy development

Since this might benefit new companies thinking about 9001 I would target that group as the audience


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Great items from Ed.

I might consider thinking about it a bit different - I would personally suggest you consider applying the requirements/concepts (from Ed) and make the thesis more specific and not just generic.

Take 3-4 particular items and do a case study on each about where they were pre-QMS, to where they are pos-QMS. This would be of most interest as opposed to being very high-level and generic.

For example, I just worked with an organization where the implementation of QMS reduced their customer excursion by 60% in 1 year. Detailing where they were to where they are now is truly an great story...that is what, IMO, people need to hear.


Good suggestions from both of the above, but I'm inclined toward answering the question of purpose (see Simon Sinek's Start With Why). My approach (which is simply one opinion) is that your thesis should answer the question of "why implement a QMS?" Like malasuerte said, present the "as-was/as-became" picture. The introduction to ISO 9000 states that "the adoption of a quality management system is a strategic decision that can help improve overall performance." Use your thesis to show how it did just that - improved the overall performance of the organization regarding customer satisfaction, employee retention and profit margin.
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