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Using Range/Tolerance to Guesstimate NDC or % SV?


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If I look at the average (essentially EV) differences my operators get while measuring parts can I just take that number and divide it be the total tolerance to get some useful number and/or expectations of my GR&R for both Tolerance and SV?

For instance, we measured a hole for a dowell pin (.0005" total tol) with Deltronics pins (.0001" increments) and averaged .0001" diff in repeatability. Can I say my operators used up 20% (.0001 diff/.0005 total tol) of the spec and does this translate to any of the GR&R standards. I was thinking it might hint as to NDC or even %SV.

Thanks for your thoughts!


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This is somewhat like a Type 1 R study. It is sometimes used as a first step in the MSA. If you cannot pass the Type 1 study, you won't be able to pass the R&R study.
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