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I am trying to develop descriptive statistics - ideally with graphs - for a distribution of lenses sold according to the dioptric power of the lenses. The data exists in two columns of a table: one column contains the numeric dioptric power of the lenses (the data categories) and the other column contains the sum of all lenses of a given diopter sold during the period under review.

I cannot seem to find the means in MiniTab to analyze this data. If there was a single column of data points it would be an easy affair to have MiniTab manipulate the data and create the desired statistics and graphs. But it seems impossible to analyze data where the data consists of sums for each of a series of discrete, linear values (dioptric powers of lenses sold).

Is it possible to directly analyze the data or to manipulate the data in a way that makes it possible? Note that my eventual goal is to perform a means test (hypothesis test) to determine if two populations have the same mean.

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Here is how the data appears, for your information:

dpt. Qty.
0.0 550
0.5 72
1.0 602
1.5 80
2.0 600
2.5 98
3.0 709
3.5 111
4.0 649
4.5 125
5.0 804
5.5 123
6.0 777
6.5 155
7.0 766
7.5 138
8.0 966
8.5 227
9.0 1095
9.5 270
10.0 1498
10.5 872
11.0 1580
11.5 1116
12.0 1648
12.5 1199
13.0 2013
13.5 1526
14.0 2329
14.5 1827
15.0 2889
15.5 2582
16.0 3892
16.5 3900
17.0 5579
17.5 6555
18.0 9749
18.5 11737
19.0 15937
19.5 17375
20.0 22665
20.5 23170
21.0 24811
21.5 22415
22.0 20893
22.5 16392
23.0 14320
23.5 9867
24.0 8419
24.5 5576
25.0 4919
25.5 2672
26.0 2965
26.5 1620
27.0 1867
27.5 998
28.0 1365
28.5 679
29.0 946
29.5 553
30.0 854
30.5 158
31.0 388
31.5 74
32.0 443
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The answer is fairly easy.

Use Graph > Bar Chart > Bars Represent = Values from a Table > One column of values = Simple > Graph variables = Qty > Categorical variable = dpt

I attached the graph below.




the Minitab site has a macro to "untally" data like this
<support> ,macros> <data manipulation>
You may need to learn up how to run macros, but that's there as well
Expand Frequencies Macro

This macro "untallies" data by taking a frequency table and creating from it a single column of data.
For example, say that the numbers are in C1, the frequencies are in C2, and you want the results stored in C3. In the Command Line Editor, or in the Session window at the command prompt (MTB>), type:
%expand C1 C2 C3
The resulting columns would look like:
C1 C2 C3 5 2 5 6 3 5 7 1 6 6 6 7Note: This macro is designed to append the output to any data that may already exist in the column specified for the output.


Firstly, I have to say that I am impressed by the rapid reply in this Elsmar Cove community. This is my first time using it and to receive two relevant replies in one day is very impressive. Frankly, I' surprised and disappointed that MiniTab doesn't have a user forum like this - or an official link to this forum, because the support at the MiniTab site for technical questions is not very comprehensive.

To the members of the community who replied to me:

@ Miner: Thank you for the reply. I actually knew how to create the graph in the manner you described. The challenge I needed to resolve was the creation of statistics, such as mean, standard deviation, etc. This apparently requires that the data be untallied. Which leads me to the reply from allan-M...

@ allan-M: This was precisely the trick! I have untallied the data this morning and I am able to now derive statistics from it.

Kind regards,



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You are very welcome. One additional thought that came to mind was have you performed an MSA on your classification process?
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