Validation requirement after moving labeling data base to different drive




We want to move our Label Database System after moving the operating files from one network drive to the other network drive, what should be validated for this case?
I would be very appreciate on your help in this matter.


Labeling being used for IVD devices. we are using this system for long time and now we want to move this system to other network drive. our labeling software is Microsoft access database program.
we want to validate functionality of labeling system after moving to new drive.

Jen Kirley

Quality and Auditing Expert
I would validate using a short test with data that is likely to be needed. If there are multiple sectors or otherwise chunks of data that could become lost, I would outline them and validate all of them if possible.


Thanks for reply. Do you think printing labels and comparing the similarity with original one and scanning barcode for checking accuracy for all labels type is enough?
do I need to repeat validation of computer or barcode scanner too?


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I would think so. Just moving the database to a new drive shouldn't affect the database. The part that will be important is that the program that uses the database for inputs and outputs is reconfigured to point to the new database location.

As Jennifer said, do a short run of labels. Then use your barcode scanner to read them. You'll be validating the database, the barcode scanner and the computer all at the same time. I would also include input, though - Make a new label, print it and then scan it.


Technically, creating a particular label and checking it is verification. To validate a system for which there is no overriding rule or guidance that allows you to do less, you must test in such a way that you've established that the system works correctly with all of the potential variables exercised across their full ranges, and with any interactions among variables investigated.
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