Value of ISO 9001 for a Clinic in Ohio


Roger Eastin

There is an interesting article in this month's issue of Quality Digest on how implementing ISO9000 (with an eye on using the value-added portions of the standard) helped a clinic in Cleveland, Ohio. It is particularly interesting because if the article didn't tell you that it was a clinic (and changed some of the medical terminology) , you would think it was a classic story on how a manufacturing operation improved performance with good quality practices.


Fully vaccinated are you?
I haven't read it but that's one reason why I've posted several excerpts from the news group here - one was on a brewery registering. I'm sure you are aware colleges and universities have registered.

That's the 'promise' of ISO 9001 as contrasted to QS9000 - ISO can be addressed by any (and I do stress ANY) company regardless of what they supply. hich, as I understand it, is the intent. I know of a junk yard (these days called a recycling facility) just up the road from me which registered!

I'll have to check out the QD article. Thanx!

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Don Winton

I also found the article very interesting. As Marc said, it demonstrates the flexibility of ISO 9001. The article was interesting in another respect. It demonstrates what is possible when a company seeks ISO 9001 quality system registration for the RIGHT reasons, i.e quality and process improvement.

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