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Looking for a good but fairly inexpensive way to get variable internal/external spline data, specifically diameter over pins/diameter between pins. I know places like Western Pegasus and Frenco sell variable spline gauges meant for a specific spline, and can measure DOP and Circular Tooth Thickness, but I was thinking more like using a micrometer with special anvils (see picture). My issue is, what do you do when you have different size pins, or odd numbers of teeth so your measurement isnt exactly 180°. Also what can you use like this to measure internal splines?

What I have done so far is found some 2.00 pin anvils in our inventory, found a setting ring master that uses 2.00mm pins for DOP measurements(used for custom variable gauge), and set it that way. Part of the issue is: the spline that I want to measure bases the DOP measurement using 2.032mm balls. This was easily corrected using a spline calculator, but my boss would like to have the correct pins, so I have to find out where I can get those.

Looking into the future, he is hoping for us to find a quick and “inexpensive” way to do internal and external spline measurements, potentially using this method. I havent found anything for internal, and it still begs to question what to do with odd numbers of teeth. What are your thoughts? Preferably something portable, or atleast semi portable. The variable gauges we have now cost close to $4800 each for just the gauge, then you have to buy the setting ring or plug, which is another $1000-1200.


  • Variable Spline gauges
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  • Variable Spline gauges
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