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Our facility recently had a Customer VDA 6.3 Audit and in the process of auditing it was found that we were not compliant to VDA 1 for critical characteristics. I was wondering if anyone had any templates that could be shared to a newbie to the VDA 1 requirements. :confused:


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Thanks for the link. I do have the document and have read through it. I was hoping not to have to re-invent the wheel regarding documentation for critical characteristics (safety and regulatory).



the VDA usually issue electronic format of the templates if they are available, also your customer may have their specific ones that they would like you to apply. Why not check with your customer Rep to see if you can use theirs? Most companies are happy if suppliers use their tools, makes it easier to incorporate them into their systems.


Hi, At first you have to develop and define your own internal system how to handle with special characteristics (defined by customer /or defined by your technicians) . Then you have to find out requirements of your customers .
The OEMs have usualy quite huge systems developed for handling with their special - safety characteristics. There you can find obligations or requests for archivation - marking of documents - special selfaudits (eg. TLD audits) - evaluation -tests - and comunication obligations as well . I dont know which OEM is your final customer ,but i would propose to ask for documents and templates directly from him - Check the online portals and so on.
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