VDA 2 Requirements of Tests for PPA

Kiran Walimbe

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PPA as per VDA 2 procedure requires following tests, which are not specifically demanded while doing PPAP as per IATF 16949 (unless we do further interpretation of AAR).
1) Odour test, 2) Haptic test, 3) Surface test, 4) Reliability test, 5) Acoustic test, 6) ESD test, 7) Colour measurement, visual self evaluation and 8) Colour specific characteristics (material etc.)
Can any honourable member share his experience & knowledge on how to do these tests so that the auditors of German OEM will find them sufficient & adequate.


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Hello Kiran,

I assume, everything you listed is concerning the product characteristics (which are listed under no. 1.X) and not the process characteristics (which are listed no. 2 - 23) on the current cover sheet of VDA2.

If unsure what or how to verify / check either check the technical documentation from your customer, as it ideally already lists the applicable test procedures / standards and/or talk to your customer and clarify their expectation.

All of the product characteristics need to be specifically defined by your customer, e.g. odour check or haptic check is something very subjective or rather specific to the brand of car/truck.
Other tests like ESD could be defined in international standards like ISO 10605 - I say could, because every OEM might have their own defined tests and requirements.
Or if you look at the appearance check (color etc.), this is meant to apply to decorative surfaces. Since this is such a difficult topic, VDA 16 "Decorative Surfaces of external fittings and functional parts in the internal and externals of automobiles" was written. However, this doesn't give you a clear specification, but "is intended to serve as an initial basis for bilateral negotiations between OEM and supplier, as well as between customer and supplier throughout the entire supply chain when agreeing a specification for the subjective characteristics of decorative surfaces" (VDA 16 excerpt from the preamble).

So it all comes back to talk to your customer if specifications are unclear.

I hope this helps.

Kiran Walimbe

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Thanks for your fast reply. Specific information on practices being followed or expected; would help me do some bench-marking. I will try to be more specific. 1) What Haptic tests get conducted for door handles 2) Do 'Gear Shifter forks' call for any Haptic test 3) How are seats & Car interior are subjected to Odor test etc. Thanks anyways for quick response.
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