VDA 6.1 Internal Auditor - I just finished the course!



Must an internal auditor be trained by the accredited or registered instructor with VDA?

Roger Eastin

No, it is not required. However, if your company does not offer internal training, then this may be your only option. Howard - how was the course from TUV?

Howard Atkins

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Here is the quote from the standard

03.1* Are the personnel (auditors) who perform internal quality audits qualified and independent of the areas being audited?


Quality auditor (according to DIN EN ISO 8402/4.11):

Person qualified to perform quality audits.


Auditors must be qualified to manage and perform internal quality audits. The required qualification profile must be defined. Depending on the type of audit and size of the company, the following aspects are particularly relevant:
1 Qualification in accordance with DIN ISO 10011-2 and training in accordance with EOQ or equivalent guidelines. Evidence of training can also be supplied through internal training courses.
2 Knowledge and understanding of the standards which might form the basis for audits of quality systems (DIN EN ISO 9000 - 9004, VDA Volume 6, Part 1)
3 Evidence about the methods of grading through investigation, interview, evaluation and reporting (e.g. auditor training in accordance with VDA 6.1)
4 Skills that are essential for the management of a quality audit, such as planning, organization, communication and leadership
5 Experience in quality management and quality techniques
6 Personal characteristics, such as, e.g. integrity, good judgement, analytical ability, open-mindedness
7 Upholding of relevant qualifications with certificates.

The qualification profile must be appropriately demonstrated.

For further information, see VDA 6, Chapter 6.

Page 58
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This was interpreted as a demand for specific VDA training. The course that TUV did was approved by VDA and used Material that was supplied by VDA. TUV pay to VDA for licensing and the approval of VDA appears on the certificate.
The course was good and esentially dealt with the diferent way that VDA uses questions and scoring.
The essential diferences were emphasised.
The course was very small , some 5 people and thus there was a great deal of interaction.
Some of the people on the course have VDA certification and came to the course because they received non- conformancies for not having been on an official course.
I think that a team in a company that has a leader with official approval is enough.
As with most things the interpretaions are at the hand of the Registrars.

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Roger Eastin

We have used internal training to VDA6.1 (issued certificates, etc.) for our internal auditors and our registrar is fine with that. As far as I know our trainer has NOT gone through the "official" VDA6 training, but had outside training nonetheless.
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