VDA 6.3 - 2010 (newest) advanced excel form



Hello All,

I had a little bit time on holiday so I prepared the excel VDA 6.3 audit report (similar earlier for previous version of VDA and FORMELQ) and which is more than user friendly compared with the original one what I have hated because the filling out was always complicated than previos one.
New features what I input:
- automatic grading
- automatic improvement plan (summarized the open point list)
- summary coversheet for improvement plan

Much more usable for me and hopefully for You as well.
If You are interested in please reply and send for trial. Only what I want to share your experience with me during the using.

Thank you very much
Imre Malkovics


Fully vaccinated are you?
Thanks for sharing the file.

I hope those of you who download it and try it give your feedback to malkovics.


Starting to get Involved
It looks very helpful program, but If you can make another one applicable for 17025, I will be so grateful.


Thanks for the VDA 6.3 checklist and could you pls share me the password to unlock as I need to make some translation?



Please find attached the audit report as well.
If you have any question please let me know.


Hi Imre,

Thanks a lot for sharing this file, it's a great help for me that I'm going to use it again. I'm familiar with the 1st edition (1998) requirements, but not with the 2010 version. If it's not to much trouble, would You please assit me with these questions?

- When do we need to use the Potential Analysis Report; assessment of Quality capabilities?
- The risk analysis need to be managed using the ISO 31000 approach or there is another methodology/technique to be used?
- About the Questionaire, the answers You entered in the assessment remarks are typo excersises or are they in a European Regional Lenguage ?
- In the assessment matrix the resukts You entered are in fix manner, I can't modify them to assess how the results change and how are they looking, DO You know why this is happen and can I fix it?

It will be highly appreciate it if You answer me these questions . Thanks again for sharing Your knowledge and experience. Have a great week!!


Luis Manuel
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