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VDA 6.3 vs. QS-9000 vs. TS 16949 Content Comparison

Kales Veggie

People: The Vital Few
Re: comparison list

OMG! Didn't you put "Uncontrolled - For reference only" on it? :lol::lmao::notme::bigwave:
I called it "draft" and it is over 4 years old now and basically obsolete. Some of the wording are poor translations from German into English made a Dutch man with help from Brazilians.

:sarcasm: I see that you are on top of things, 4 years late. :bonk:

Mahlzeit !


Re: comparison list

I am new to VDA & just had a customer ask me if we perform VDA internal audits, we are not VDA Certified and only perform process based internal audits; is there a difference or additional requirements of a VDA internal audit?

Kales Veggie

People: The Vital Few
More than likely your customer asked you about VDA 6.3 process audits. A company cannot be certified to this standard. Either you perform this process (or contract out) (can be pretty lengthy and requires training to do it right) or your customer comes in and does the audit.

VDA 6.3 has over 70 questions that will be judged with a score of 10,8,6,4 or 0. Resulting scores of all questions are combined into a A, B or C classification.

You can purchase the VDA 6.3 2nd edition from website.
comparison list

I am attaching herewith the Gap analysis

1. Gap Analysis between QS 9000 and TS 16949
2. Gap Analysis between TS 16949 1999 and TS 16949:2002
3. Gap Analysis between VDA 6.1 and TS 16949


I tried twice to attach those three files but I could n't. Please give your Mail addtess. I shall send you the same.

Dear sir,
Please send the file at

Thanks and regards
Kush mathur
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