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Vegetable and Fruit Sanitization



Dear Friends,

What is the safe Chlorine level (ppm) for sanitizing fruits and vegetables?

in our property we are using 2 products of Chlorine tablets

one of them recommends to dilute 1 tablet in 20L and it gives 50 PPM chlorine available

and the other recommends to dilute 1 tablet in 5L and it gives 120 PPM chlorine available

I'm confused, why the chlorine available between them are not the same

please help??:bonk::bonk:
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In my experience (poultry)
we usually use 30~50ppm

Different country has different law.
Raffy's link is for the U.S.
I think maybe it does't conform to your country.


bleach per gallon measure is 65 ppm for 1 teaspoon.
And the sanitizing solutions for food should not exceed 2000ppm hypochlorite.
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