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Vendor vs Engineering Document Control

Hi everyone,

I would like suggestions on how to convince my Engineering Systems team leader about dividing document control department in two separate groups, vendor and engineering. In my 12 years experience in document control with various EPCM companies there was always such division within the department, in my current company vendor documentation is a new process that use to be handled by other EP's and is now slowly being handled internally by us.

My area of expertise is vendor documentation (+10 years) as such I am handling all the orders at this point, also creating workflows and writing all the procedures, recommendations, RACI charts, etc. My problem is that this is on top of my main function of engineering documentation for 2 polyethylene plants.

Recently my Engineering Systems team leader has announced he wants to restructure the departments within his umbrella to be vertical on the roles and responsibilities so that everyone within the same department has a little knowledge of everything instead of specific tasks within the roles so one person can replace another on their functions, as such, each member will be handling Capital projects, Unit projects, and vendor purchase order within their own plants.

I have been doing some research trying to explain my boss reasons within the industry why document control department should be divided between Engineering and Vendor like everyone else in the industry at least it was a very small supplier or EP company where one person does it all. Since the processes are very different but I could not find any document control organization chart and document control roles and responsabilities that can explain the differences between the two then I started to put a list together of the differences between the two processes (see attached) but I need a stronger case to prove him why doing the division between the two would be more effective for the company. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,



John Broomfield

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Best to avoid making document control a department. Instead ensure that processes resulting in documented information are supported by a robust process for controlling such information.

These days that means a wiki or document management software on which the Cove has many examples and discussions.

Departments or functions exist to serve processes, projects and customers not the other way around.

From what your boss is saying, your management system is department based instead of being process-based as specified by ISO 9001.

As to the vendor v engineering separation I would put all vendor docs through engineering for review and approval or review and acceptance before plugging said information into the process for controlling documented information.

Best wishes,

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