Verification of Rev Level of Customer-Supplied Standards


David McGan

Has anyone found a good way to meet the intent of 4.5.2 with regard to confirmation of the current revision level of customer specifications or standards? We will frequently get prints referencing a standard, with no reference to revision level. How do we know if the copy we have is the current revision?


No real great suggestion, because even the customer quiet often doesn't know there latest revision and I am not trying to be funny here!. This is just reality.

However, what I do suggest is that thru your contract review and when you provide a quotation to your customer, you reference all of the required standards/specs with the latest revision that you have. If the customer comes back to you 5 years later and says you used the wrong level, you have some basis for an argument, i.e. they accepted your quotation which provided all of the relevant details. It is not fool proof but it's not bad either. But I am sorry, there is no easy way to check the latest revison of specifications/Standards.


Fully vaccinated are you?
The important part is to be able to show 'best effort' with 'due diligence'. Yup - sometimes getting the latest rev level is difficult - not to mention getting the latest print!
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