Very proud grandfather (Randy Dec 2016)


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Over the years I've shared little family tid bits especially about grandkids so here's another.

I've never coaxed, or talked up, to any of the grandkids or other family members, friends or associates about following me in my military or law enforcement careers, but who listens to an old man.

Anyway our oldest grandson (Zachary Krieger) has been working as a deputy sheriff for Sebastian County Arkansas where we live and on August 10, 2016 he was involved in one of the many police ambushes that have happened recently that cost the life of a fellow deputy, Corporal Bill Cooper. (Bill Cooper was a personal frined of mine, had served in the Marines at the same time I did and best of all he was known and loved by nearly every elementry school kid in the county because of his work with them over the years.)

Zach's fine, he wasn't injured (physically), and I've spent quite a bit of time in reflection with him not only as a grandfather but also as a former police officer that has walked the trail he is now walking...he'll be OK.

Anyway Zach was recently honored with the Medal of Valor for his actions, he didn't seek it and he sure wishes it had never happened for him to get it.


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Re: Very proud grandfather

All the very best to you and your wonderful family
I remember with fondness my visit to your home
All the very best


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Re: Very proud grandfather

You have every right to be proud. Where would we be without these brave and capable men and women.

Thank you for sharing.


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I do not know you personally Randy. But I know you now from your grand children's accomplishment and the legacy you gave them. "The apple does not fall from the tree". Congratulations!!!


Glad he was unharmed, Randy. Thanks for all you and your family do.

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I hope we have a lot of grandfathers like Randy here in our part of the world. Salute to the men and women in uniforms who keep us safe and secured:applause:


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Thanks for his service. I know that our Sheriff's Department is usually put in more serious situations as compared to our city police.


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It seems the story is continuing, Zachary was called into the "Office" this week, interviewed about the incident and his actions again, and then informed that he was being nominated for for a Citizen of Honor Medal for Single Act of Valor awarded by the Congressional Medal of Honor Society.

We've been floored and Zachary is numbed because he never went after any recognition, he just wanted to protect and take care of "Coop" after he'd been shot.

This is me and Zach when he graduated from the police academy


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