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What a bunch of Whiners!

That was like reading the Cove as it might appear on the Dark Side of the Universe. Who are these creatures?:biglaugh: :smokin:

Ken K

Just wondering what browser everyone is using. I upgraded to Explorer 5.5 and it has been an experience. Whenever I come to this sight, everything starts on the right side of the screen and slowly moves into position. It's over a minute before everything gets where it's suppose to. Never had the problem with Netscape.

Any idea's why? Do you have the same problem or not?


I'm using IE 6.0 as well - no problems here.

I use Netscape 4.7 at home with no problem.



Fully vaccinated are you?
Don't forget this can also be an issue related to your computer configuration, the age and speed of your computer, amount of ram, etc. For example, if you've only got 64 mbyte of ram, it's going to disk cache and such making it slower.


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5.5 here


I am using IE 5.5 and I have never seen that before.


Ken K

I think Marc hit it right on the head. The Smithsonian wanted me to donate it for one of their caveman exhibits.

200mmx - 32mbyte ram - 500mbyte hard drive - 33.6 modem - Win95.

And it was just recently upgraded! I have to wear a seatbelt when I get home to check my email. :D

Such is the life in a large corporation...
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