Visual acuity test - Product to have passed a jaeger test

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I have a customer that is requiring that all associates involved with their product to have passed a jaeger test
My question can our company perform the test or does it have to done by an optometrist
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If it is a customer requirement, my opinion, not being in the field, is that the customer would be the deciding authority, if you will, to answer your question.
The Jaeger test is pretty straightforward, and doesn't require a lot of skill to administer and assess the results. Although I concur with Marc that your customer is the 'final' authority on this, I personally would administer the testing in-house.
Do they define what a 'qualified examiner' is? Or is it just another of those buzzwords that they like to throw around, without really considering the implications of it?

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No, but the complete requirement was,
NASA STD 8739.3 said:
The vision tests shall be administered every 2 years by a qualified eye examiner, accepted by the procuring supplier, using standard instruments and techniques
The NASA STD has been superseded by J-STD-001FS which has a similar statement.
The vision tests shall be administered by a qualified examiner, accepted by the User,using standard instruments and techniques.


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If your purpose is to simply comply to requirements, then ask your customer if you can administer the test. It is easy to administer in a couple of minutes and requires only a chart and a ruler.

If you're interested in getting the best possible result from the visual inspection process, the Jaeger test for near vision is woefully inadequate, in my opinion. The Titmus near-vision test is better. It's available at industrial medical centers; if you have several employees, they often offer the option of coming to your location to perform the test. The best possible near vision testing is done by an optometrist, especially if your inspectors are searching for minute imperfections or defects.

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