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Visual Mapping Conference, Oct 3, 2008


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Here's something I figured some people may be interested in. It's the Visual Mapping Conference being held on Octover 3, 2008, in Morristown, NJ. Wallace Tait, who many of you know here in the Cove, is one of the organizors of the event. The conference sounds quite interesting. Here is a link for more details:
It's worth mentioning that I'm not in anyway connected to the conference, other than knowing Wallace Tait.



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Many thanks to Craig and Marc,
You may wish to go to (*See Profile) for further information about the Visual mapping approach to information management in relation to the tools and techniques of Visual mapping.

I firmly believe Business Management processes and systems would benefit from taking a fresh look at the Visual mapping concept.

I'll make sure that Cove members get a break regarding registration and cost of attending. Craig and Marc: if you intend to travel to this event in New Jersey, mail me and I'll make specific arrangements for you?

Best regards
Wallace Tait
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