Volkswagen Quality Systems Audit - What criteria did they use and how did you prepare



Has anybody gone through a Quality systems Audit from Volkswagen recently?? I'm getting a visit on the 26th & 27th and I just found out today! What criteria did they use and how did you prepare? I don't want to blow this thing as they are a potential new customer - we are currently registered to QS9000 & Iso9002 & Iso 14001 but have not persued registration to TS16949. How much emphisis will be placed on this standard? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Al Dyer

I can't see them looking for TS-16949, it is fairly new. I guess since you are certified to the standards you posted and have a dynamic system, there should be no problem.

What are the chances of you or your management calling the customer and ask for some details?


We supply Volkswagen here, and I've experienced an audit but it was so long was based on VDA 6.1.
I know they are saying you must be working towards certification to either VDA or TS16949 in order to quote new business to Volkswagen, but we managed to get TS16949 here, so it isn't an issue anymore!
I'll keep looking for something that may help you.....

Howard Atkins

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I had a VW audit a few years ago.
They give marks according to a check list that you should be able to get from them. They supplied us before the Audit.
Our Audit was based more on the spirit of the company rather than finding a document without a sugnature.
It was fair, do not be too worried about the certificates that you have but rather the way you work and the implemntation by the people working.


thanks for providing formel q requirements. I have looking for this handbook for a long time. Thanks again :biglaugh:


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VW - Formel Q - production readiness

Does someone have the following manual from the VW group :

Formel Q - Production readiness ( 2 day production preparation & execution )

Any help will be appreciated very much.




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VW - Formel Q manuals

Qualification programme for new parts WITH INTEGRATED ACCEPTANCE OF 2-DAY PRODUCTION. Thanks, Howard

I was looking for the 4th Formel Q manual as shown in attached file

Apparently they have integrated QPN and the 2 day evaluation.

Is this correct? - Anyone with a VW login code ?

Any help is appreciated.



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thanks very much for your help

Howard Atkins said:
If any one is still interested here is the link to the VW audit book.
It is still being used
Formel Q

Formel Q 2005 edition

i have been looking for a english version for a long time.
thank your very much for your kindness to share the documents.
thanks agian!:applause: :applause: :applause:
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