VW Supplier Product Safety Representative (PSB) Responsibilities and Requirements


A. Cecilia Arriaga

Hello all,

I have some quick questions. At the VW portal my company already have posted a Responsible related PSB; my confusion started when the Quality System coordinator asked me the PSB letter sing by the PSB representative. I found the letter. Let's begin with my "quick" questions:

1.- It is necessary sign the PSB letter plus have the responsible posted at the VW portal?

2.-If Yes: Why the PSB letter is already signed? I understand that the first page have to be signed by VW leader. I think that the letter it is an example and the three spaces to sign at the last page have to be with leaders of my company. And I am thinking that because the QMS coordinator is asking and pushing to get the letter...

P.S. I found the letter at the VW portal. (Attached)

2.- Usually, What kind of position get this responsibility?
Of course right now I have a representative posted at the portal, but this person is the manager of projects. He does not want to sign the letter...:whip: If the response of the first question it is "yes" well I need both requisites and it is evident that the name of PSB responsible at portal have to be the same in the letter.

Hope I can find a lot of new information in this forum.

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What you posted looks like a VW requirements document, not a letter of appointment. The document specifies the requirements that the PSB for your organization needs to meet in terms of knowledge, responsibilities, and competency.

A. Cecilia Arriaga

Yes. Since the beginning, I understood the context of the document as a list of requirements for PSB responsible. It was just the powerful and constant pressure from managers to know how formalize the responsibility led me to ask. Now, after a lot of mails and conversations, I have a Quality manager responsible for PSB. Without any extra requirement or anything as they had asked. Thanks for your answer! have a great Wednesday!


Check on you company´s scope, First reference will be on Formel Q (VW´s), Maturity Level Assurance (VDA) (main focus in on new parts)., + VDA 6.3, and your supply chain level (Tier "n").

VDA manuals are not available directly from VW on their supplier site www_vwgroupsupply_com=ONE.Konzern Business Plattform), but other guide lines are; and if you are a Tier 1 is a fact that someone at your campany Must have access to this because you have business assigned by VW´s purchasing, but if not, you can request your company registration on the same web site.

Before any Tier 1 has business assigned a VDA 6.3 Audit, is necessary (and other audits and assessments). This is pretty much like APQP development, and QFD. If your company is design responsible, a lot of processes and responsibilities are already defined within your company QMS for sure. Regularly Engineering, Quality and Project dept. should interact to define those important (CC), (CS) and other kind of characteristics as well as quality agreements, testing plans, and so on,and soforth. During maturity stages all risk of not being compliant with a safety o special characteristic, (or a development stage); need to be identified, and actions taken to mitigate or eliminate that risk. Some special training on PSB and Civil responsibilities are offered by VW or Mercedes Benz training centers. Typically FMEA and other related tools are also necessary to demonstrate competence on this topic. Top management has an important role too about this, so appropriate resources and authority also Must be defined on your QSM.

ISO 31000 can be also a reference, also check on new IATF:2016 bibliography (last pages, include a lot of interesting documents).


Starting to get Involved

The company where I work is contract manufacturer which is a Tier 2 or in some cases Tier 3.

I just received an e-mail from one of my customer to delivers directly to VW to:

1.- Define the PSB representative name from my company (who should be the right role/position to take this responsibility)

2.- It was requested to sign the letter (same Ms. Arriaga mention) but there is no space to sign it... this is just a list of requirements but not a format / template to sign as an agreement...

3.- I do know for Tier1 is mandatory even to register in the VW portal but not mandatory for Tier2 and below.

Any suggestions how to proceed?

Thanks in adavance for the help
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