WAIVED ON Q1 - We Don't have to comply with FORDS customer specific requirements


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Hello, I'm at a new manufacturing site that has been in production for a year and four months. Ford is a customer of ours, but they only manufacturing a low volume bracket. The STA said we were waived on having to get the Q1 certificate but some employees here seem to think that means we dont have to comply with FORDS customer specific requirements . Is that true ? I assumed we would still have to do their CSRS. Any advise ?
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I don't think Q1 has anything to do with Ford QSRs and you probably still have to meet them.

The only advantage to Q1, that I remember, is having a lower level of PPAP review if your company is Q1.


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Its twitter different things. Yes you still need to follow their CSR unless you got a waiver for this as well.
Just make sure that your Q1 waiver is a documented waiver. Good to have when the Wind starts blowing.


Greg has it right. But I will expand a little more macro using your instance as an example: The Q1 certificate is a CSR. So in this instance, Ford, waived only that specific CSR, not all the other ones.

REMINDER: just using what is presented in the OP for the example. (I don't know if the Q1 is a CSR or a Cust. Requirement)
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