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Date: Tue, 5 Oct 1999 14:57:50 -0400
From: Charley Scalies <[email protected]>
Subject: Survey: Warranty Exclusions

ISO/CD2 9000:2000 defines a "requirement" as a "stated or typically
implied need or expectation"

ISO/CD29001:2000 (7.2.2) requires the determination of "requirements not specified by the customer but necessary for fitness of purpose".

I am interested in hearing from manufacturing and servicing firms (others may respond, too) regarding their current warranty exclusion practices and what activity, if any, is taking place internally with respect to the above requirements of CD2. Please complete this very short survey and email it to me. I will summarize and report the responses to this List and individually to all who respond. You need not identify your company. Individual responses will be kept private and will not be used for marketing purposes.

1. We are primarily engaged in ( ) Design Only ( ) Design and
Manufacturing ( ) Manufacturing Only
( ) Distribution Only ( ) Servicing Only ( ) Other [invited to
2. Our size is ( ) Under 50 employees ( ) 51 to 150 Employees
( ) 151 to 500 Employees ( ) 500+
3. Our standard published warranty specifically excludes:
A. ( ) Implied warranties of all types.
B. ( ) Warranties of fitness for use and/or purpose.
C. ( ) Warranties of merchantability
D. ( ) Warranties of design.
E. ( ) Liability for incidental or consequential damages
F. ( ) Other exclusions
G. ( ) No Exclusions
H. ( ) We have no standard published warranty.
4. Our legal counsel and/or senior management have reviewed these
proposed new requirements ( )Yes ( )No
5. If Yes, they have concluded:
A. There is/may be a serious conflict between CD2 and company
business policy ( ) Yes ( ) No
B. ( ) We are taking/have taken action
Feel free to describe what that action is/will be.


Charles J. Scalies/2000+
[email protected]
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