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Interesting Topic Was this the fastest ever stage 2 ISO9001:2015 audit?

If, by chance it is, something's clearly wrong! The stage 1 isn't supposed to be for reporting non-conformities, only identify compliance issues which could BECOME a non-conformity at the stage 2. A stage 2 which is less than a day doesn't comply with the IAF MD-5 document. I'd anticipate the CB isn't UKAS (or similar) accredited.
Under 2 hours! and no operational audits.

The stage 1 with 10+ major NCs (and a different auditor)
2 things here.

1) There are no major findings in a stage 1. It's a readiness review. Are you ready or can you be ready?
2) Minimum duration per IAF MD5 is 8 hours. Like Andy said, your certificate is worthless. I would say invalid.

Based on your statement, UKAS should come into your house and take the cert off the wall, IMO.
We (as consultants called in to sort out the mess) were not in attendance at stage 1..just checked the report - it stated 10+ major NCs...

Looking at the whole company it should be considerably than 1 day... based on staff and number of offices..

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