Water in a gowning room


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Hi to all
Do you know if is there any regultation about the water used to wash hands in a gowning rooms?

Thanks in advance:bigwave:

Ajit Basrur

We have discussed this point earlier at A sink with water in an ISO Class 7 Cleanroom

There is no regulation that does not permit water in gowning rooms but if you have that option, be extra sure that the water does not contribute to the growth of microorganisms.

I have seen hand wash basins in gowning rooms in China where people are forced to wash hands before entering the cleanrooms.


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It is presumed (rightly?) that you are talking about a gowning room for a "Cleanroom" like ISO7 or Std Class 10K.

While likely correct...it's worth checking...

* The gowning room is for entering what?
- Cleanroom ?
- Surgery ?
- Bio containment area ?
- Other ?

If just a cleanroom, Ajit is on the mark. Please confirm.
A 'cleanroom' is about the air...:deadhorse:
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