Wavetek 9100 - Calibrate it yourself or has it got to go to the factory?



As a student, I’m working at a big company to help me improve at my skills and in the meantime help the company to save some money. I have been asked to make a calibration function for al the utility’s in our workplace. The simple ones are no problem and electrical tools aren’t either with the help of a Secutester. After studying the ISO norms en implementate them into the system (AHUM). But can anyone help me with the next question: Who has done any experience with the test and calibrator of Fluke. Is this machine capable of doing his work as they tell you. And what if a DMM/ clamp, is not within range can you calibrate it yourself or has it got to go to the factory?

Sorry for my English but it’s not my first language.

Regard to this site, It’s the first good thing i find about all the topics sin’s I have started in this company with this topic. In 4-4-2001?

Already thanks Raoul Brouns, E-mail [email protected]

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You will need to give me some more detail. I have done more clamp meters and multimeters than I care to remember. Clamp meters can be done with a multiplier coil. There is some care needed in constructing the multiplier. It costs almost nothing to build, but you need to build it correctly.

Please send me the models of some of the meters and clamps you have questions about, and I will try to answer more "accurately" (if I may borrow a calibration term).

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