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WCM (World Class Manufacturing) vs. Six Sigma - Differences and Interactions



Hello Everybody,
i have been working as six sigma coordinator in one of the biggest automotive plants in Turkey for 3 months. WCM (World Class Manufacturing) quality system is applied here. However i will try to integrate six sigma also. At this point, i need your help. Could you briefly explain me how WCM and 6 Sigma interact with each other. What are the common points and what are the differences between them? Is it possible to apply six sigma where WCM is already applied?

All replies are welcome.



Jen Kirley

Quality and Auditing Expert
Staff member
I find the main difference is the system perspective I would expect in World Class Manufacturing, whereas 6S is narrowly focused, and project based.

6S could be used, but carefully so as to avoid negatively impacting one area when "improving" another area. A master plan of 6S should be maintained so the improvements can ba balanced and compliment each other--not just a lot of chasing objectives around.
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