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WE DID IT! Passed the muster of a QS9000 Certification Audit

I still don't believe it, but just this past week we passed the muster of a QS9000 Certification Audit and have been recommended for certification! I think that this is quite an achievement and wish to toot my own horn because I personally busted my hump to ensure that we succeeded on the first attempt!

There were a few instances where I had to use the "smoke and mirrors" and lie my rearend off, but hey... we did it! As I read in a recent Dilbert Cartoon regarding their attempt at QS9000 Certification... "You can't have compliance without a little 'liance'"

I am jumping for joy...


Jim Biz

Congratulations - Believe me I know what it must have taken for you to acomplish this. Take the time to be Proud - Take a deep breath- then go back and make the system you've put in place work for you.

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Jim Biz

Well if that's true congraluations are again in order seems its been a personnaly rewarding project already.....
<least your experience the "smoke & mirrors" "liance" technique may come in handy.>(GRIN)


Captain Nice
Staff member
Good luck... The major companies have completed QS-9000 implementations (read big money is mostly over). Most of the call now is small firms (3 to 20 people) with a few calls from companies up to maybe 300 people. Five years ago I could get a US$10,000 retainer and US$3500 a week plus expenses. No longer.

Unfortunately the perception of highly paid consultants lies with the top few (like KPMG who charge shitloads of $$$ just to come in to say hello). And most of the ISO business is going to the companies offering miracle 3 month implementations. Not to mention that, compared to 8 years ago when I started, everyone and their uncle is an ISO9000 consultant.

Even the auditors are weird. I recently had a conversation with a client who went thru the yearly registrar visit. Entela was the registrar. As usual, they had a different auditor than the last audit. This auditor complained that there had not been enough findings in internal audits - from this comes "...internal audits are not effective...". No mention was made of the previous 2 visits by Entela auditors who both came away from their audits with NO findings! I can only guess that their lack of findings implied that the registrar audits are not effective - and it was this arguement which 'blocked' the auditor from writing them up for this....

This guy left with 4 'findings' which were each a crock - at best they were OPINIONS. Now get this - the auditor was a former chiropractor (he even requested that he be called Doctor...). Why he's auditing for a living is beyond me. However, he had some wild interpretations. Bottom line is they were so minor that the 'suggestions' were 'implemented'. No value added. No significant risk factors involved. It was essentially the old "...I think if you did this it would be better..." So close to consulting it was sad. The company is now seriously considering switching registrars - which was the reason for the phone call.

This does not even address the issue of auditor qualifications - my requirement is the auditor has to have had experience working in the industry s/he is auditing. I wonder how long that auditor (the Doctor) worked in the chemical industry.... Granted (sadly) this is with respect to a registrar's auditor. I would not have accepted him in the first place.

When chiropractors are quitting their practices to become ISO auditors, what's next?

You might want to keep your job...
I dunno... getting certified to QS9000 and staying certified to QS9000 and all of this quality system alphabet soup stuff makes me feel like:


Laura M

Was gonna tell you my experiences transitioning from Management Rep of Big Company to independent consultant. But I see you're from Philly and like hockey. Not that I'm a big hockey fan, but this is Sabres country up here!
Originally posted by Laura M:
...But I see you're from Philly and like hockey. Not that I'm a big hockey fan, but this is Sabres country up here!
Grrrrrr... Let's hope the 2-game cushion is enough to hold your boys off!

Go Flyers!

Laura M

Only if you keep the "non-goals"

But seriously re: consulting. I had a few years of maintaining a QS-9000 system before I broke off on my own. Lots of reasons for the decision besides $$$. Mostly setting my own schedule...take days off for family when I want kind of reasons. One of the nicest parts is that companies appeciate your knowledge more than when you work there. Marc hit the nail on the head with the current market being small business. T/E supplement can be a part of it too. I'm finding the biggest competition is "consulting firms" which have a laundry list of "satisfied clients" even tho the consultants come and go. Most of my clients have come from "friends" and business acquaintances. Haven't had to pound the pavement, which is nice. Big market for auditors as well. Good Luck with your decision - I haven't regretted mine yet.
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