We just Passed our ISO 14001 Stage 2 Audit!



Completed Stage 2 audit, reccommended for certification. Thanks to all on this thread for there help.:bigwave:


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Marc & Al, you 2 guys are too nice....;)

If you used anything I said for your cert where's my loot, bucks, dinero, moola, greenstuff, geld, cash, treasure, etc...?:biglaugh:

Great going, glad we could help!!:bigwave:



We have also completed Stage 2 of the audit. We have been recommended for certification. We are now looking to purchase a banner for the side of our building....boy a bunch of different prices on these. Does anyone have any advice on purchasing a banner? Also, we are looking at using "certified" or "registered" on the banner, any suggestions?

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Good for you also, we found a company in the Detroit are simply by doinf a web search for "signs". If I still worked with them I could give you a better answer, sorry.


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Great going Welty.

Whatever type banner you get make sure it is procurred in an environmentally safe manner, recyclable and conservative:biglaugh:

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The banner needs to be constructed of asbestous (sp), nylon, and graphite! Then when they go for 14000 they will have a continuous improvement project.

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Way to go!

Sam & Welty - Congrats on your achievement!
Take a short :thedeal: break you've earned it.

Welty - Welcome to the Cove! You have no doubt already seen just how much more active this forum group is (not to metion the outstanding set-up done by our host Marc).

by the way...I vote for Certified.

Hope everyone in the US has a great Thanksgiving (and all others have a great weekend when it comes).

Best Regards, Eileen
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