We made it!!!! We are now registered (certified) to QS-9000


Martijn TVM

Finally after working on it for several months in December 2000 we got certified. I just want to thank everyone that has helped me with questions in the past. And I have one little question to finish of with.

I'm currently working on my master thesis and I was wondering whether someone can tell me where to find some information on the creation of the 8-D CAR methods. I know it was a ford initiative but I'd like to know things like what year, why, from where, things like this if some one could tell me that I would really appriciate it.

Furthermore good luck to everyone working on getting QS certified.


Fully vaccinated are you?
The 8-D is not a Ford initiative or invention. The 8-D is Ford's version of a very old corrective action methodology. The main focus is determination of 'Root Cause' and 'Prevent Recurence' with a required containment step.

You say:
-> I'd like to know things like what year,
-> why, from where, things like this...

You want to know the history of corrective action?

Martijn TVM

No I've got all the mat'l together now and I searched through a lot of web pages. I think I have enough info now, but thanks anyway.

Marc thanks for keeping this site up and running because, it helped me a lot in implementing QS and writting the quality manual. So keep up the good work and I'll drop in this site sometimes to see whats happening.

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