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We Need August Articles! Don't be shy! This almost like 'really being published'!


Rob Nix

We Need July Articles! Don't be shy! This almost like 'really being published'!

Come on folks. I know their are a lot of Covers who are creative and knowledgeable out there - many have GREAT regular posts!

We have only ONE article submitted (an excellent one at that). Don't be shy. Get those articles posted! [[That includes YOU Chris. Here's your chance.]]

I'm personally keeping a file for all of the articles and using them where I can in training or management meetings.


Captain Nice
Staff member
Rob started this thread in the June Articles forum. I figured I'd move it here and retitle it to remind (prompt?) you folks to get your July articles together and submitted.


Super Moderator
HEY guys, if you read the articles please take time to

Everyone who submits would really appreciate it...

Rob Nix

Helloooo?? anybody out there?? I've got some time to read a really fine article or two. If you are reading this right now, I'm betting that YOU have the talent to submit an article frrom the field of quality that WE would all like to read (and put in our reference files). How about it? Anyone?
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