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Web Based Corrective Action Tracking Tools - Does anyone have any knowledge of?


Judi - 2003

Does anyone have any experience or knowlege of web based Corrective Action tracking tools? I need one to be customizeable as we are not in manufacturing etc. A friendly interface is crucial as well. Suggestions anyone? Thanks!!! ;)


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Harrington & Associates have a good one and there is one made by Pilgrim.

There are others, but these are 2 that I'm familiar with.....


E Wall

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Evaluate Costs First

If anyone at your location has experience with developing applications using Microsoft Access, I highly recommend pursuing that avenue. Even if you don't have anyone now, if anyone is interested it will take only 2 classes in order to go through the beginner and intermediate level training classes and they can provide a good (as opposed to a hachet job that wastes everyones time!) basic start. By taking the classes most instructors will also make themselves available as the studen takes on an application development project and help troubleshoot.

It really isn't as difficult as most people think.
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James Gutherson

While it is not web based, I use Microsoft Outlook in a networked environment and customise the "Task" items.

Creating the database is as easy or easier than Access, but Outlook manages all the little frills for you, due dates, email notification, status, reporting, the assigned to person, etc. There are a few books around on developing applications in Outlook and even the MS Press one is good.

Actually the MS Press one has a sample Helpdesk application on the included CD which is very close to what you want.
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