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As a startup company, we are currently putting together a website with all the trimmings. I have been asked to create a Quality statement that includes our commitment to ISO 9000:2000. The fact is we have engaged a consulting company and will pursue registration later this year (2001). Preliminary procedures have been written under the previous version of ISO, but are still in the release and approval stage. In other words we have visions of sugar plums dancing in our heads. Any ideas how we can state our intention strongly without giving the impression that we comply with ISO 9000:2000? At this point we cannot state that we are in "compliance". As one of those "quality geeks", I know that there is a multitude of talent that post to this site and are capable of suggesting some creative ideas that may help me look good. Thanks.

Al Dyer

In compliance to the "goals" of ISO-9000:2000???

Continuously improving our systems to be ISO-9000:2000 compliant????


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Al, those are excellent. I use Dubya from my home. But I am Energy when I post at work. As I said, there are some pretty talented "quality geeks" on this site and I appreciate your response.
QA Mgr. Geek




If you visit the website, tenergywater.com, not only can you see the types of equipment we manufacture, but also the absence of a quality statement that can pass muster among us Quality geeks. Someone, somewhere has decided to not parse words regarding a Quality mission or statement. That's a good thing. Originally, my task was to create a "section" to mention our Quality program. I registered my objections, it remained a topic for a few weeks and quietly slipped away. There has been no obvious reduction of orders or inquiries regarding our plans for ISO registration, because of it's absence.
Maybe it's me, but I don't think it really matters. We have suppliers who put their certificate on their site, say a lot of neat Quality things and still provide inferior or nonconforming product. Smoke and mirrors for the unwary consumer. Shame on me!:eek:

Al Dyer

How about this for a policy statement:

People Striving To Turn Customers Into Fans!

Jim Biz


Sure not a Qualty "Geek" (yet ;) )- but heres an attempt

Striving -- through established management objectives -- to meet the needs of our growing customer base.

(Might be a bit much - BUT) / Might be something to build on anyway :



Good Suggestions

Your suggestion, like Al's, are good and would have satisfied the request. Actually, I produced 4 separate statements to the Web-Site gurus. None of them were used. I will add yours to my file. The only inquiries I get now is, "When will we be registered?". The target date has slipped from later this year to possibly late next year. Reasons? I call it "Postponed for lack of interest". I'm merely the MR who has presented the preliminary milestone plan to Management. They feel that "I" can get it done. Not!! I was dismissed from a weekly Sales meeting last week to "make me more productive". I really had no business there in the first place. The CEO asked me in a room full of people, "How's ISO coming? My answer was " It's dead in the water" He said "that is unacceptable". He said what seems to be the problem? Slightly miffed, I responded that a functional Org Chart, Management Responsibilty and a way to measure the health of the system ( I submitted several suggestions for review), an approved Quality statement (Of which I submitted several for review) among other things that Management has to do, are needed to satisfy our ISO Consultant before he will come in for Phase 2. In fact, my part is on schedule. I have been asking for these things since May, this year. All I get is "When do you think we will get certified? hello? duh" knock knock, nobody's home..Thanks for the input.:rolleyes:

Al Dyer


I can feel the stress, we all want to do the job we were hired for and sometimes it doesn't work out like we expected. I'm not in a position to give you too much support currently, as I am thinking about leaving the field, too much bull**** and hassles.

I will say that you are a strong person that can handle the situations!
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