WEEE requirements if I sell devices outside the EU


My company produces electronic devices in EU and sell them all over the world. We have a disposal center in UK to comply with the WEEE regulation (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) for disposal. But what can we do for the units sold outside EU? It does not make sense to ship them back to UK to be scrapped. Can they be dispose outside EU?


Mark Meer

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Because WEEE (2012/19/EU) is specifically a European directive, I don't think it is enforced outside the EU.

That being said, it may be appropriate in your accompanying documentation to included some general, internationally applicable, disposal statement such as:

"This product contains electrical components that may be subject to special regional disposal requirements. Consult your municipal or regional waste-management authority."


Starting to get Involved
EU directives applies only within EU/EEA countries.

However, other similar legislations may apply in the importing country.
If the company that is importing the goods is an affiliate of your company then you may have responsibilities under their local legislation. For example, if you were importing goods into EU then you would be responsible to ensure the implementation of the WEEE.