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Week 2 Discussion - What is Quality?

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gpainter said:
Quality is what the Customer says it is.
That may work for custom products, but what if you are bringing a completely new product to market for the first time? Wouldn't you have to set a Quality level BEFORE your customers have a chance to decide? (By buying or not buying your product.)
Therefore, you may have to do some gymnastics, such as test marketing to determine what the target market will accept as Quality.


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Wes, exactly. If you bring something new in then as a part of the marketing/design plan. You will have to determine your target Customers and their wants and needs as far as product and quality.


Quality is what we make it

:applause: everyone has listed very important thoughts about what quality is and I see their perspectives. quality is a choice. quality is more than merely meeting a set of standards once in every 20 times or every 4 times. it is about being consistently persistent when schedules are rearing their ugly head and someone is forced to make a decision on what's more important, meeting a milestone on schedule or taking the extra time it takes to make sure standards are being adhered to. Basically, you take ownership of quality. You must make a personal commitment to uphold it and not put it away when its convenient to the process.

mark child


I had an interesting conversation the other day with a podiatrist friend of mine that is obsessed with finding quality in everything that he buys. Automobiles, homes, and clothes are always topics of discussion with him. Imagine my suprise when he said that he wants to buy a Harley Davidson motorcycle.
Americans, in their quest to produce the most reliable vehicles, continue to celebrate these poor quality bikes as an icon of America. Did I miss something here? If we are trying to attain great quality in U.S. manufacturing why do we idolize, at ludicrous prices, poor quality.

Quality is
1) Organization profitibility,
2) Customer satisfaction
3) Social responsibility (up to the most current knowledge)

In the comercial world, a sucessfull supplier must consider (1+2+3), they are all important.
Let me explain more on (3), some time customer, esp. end user, may overlook some environmental or health concerns. As a supplier, we need to have pre-caution to minimize those environmental and healthy impacts from the best of our knowledge.
Just in reference to Harley:
Some buyers (especially Harley) have different criteria for "Quality" which may include image, nostalgia, fantasy and those often overshadow price and mechanical perfection in their decision to purchase.

Point of the comment:
Therefore, you can't assume EVERY buyer has the same Quality criteria in mind when making a purchase.

Jim Wynne

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My Favorite Definition of "Quality"

Steve Prevette said:
This is a question that has perplexed many for many years, and perhaps there is no "right" answer. But, please provide in this week's discussion your personal definition of "quality".
I believe this comes from Stanley Marcus of Neiman-Marcus fame: Quality is selling products that don't come back to customers who do.
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