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Week 4 Student Discussion - Process Analysis

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Steve Prevette

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Flow charting is a very useful tool in process analysis. As you are currently planning your final project, let's take a crack at developing a flow chart for the project. You can attach files here in the Cove, and it is relatively easy to do a flow chart in Excel spreadsheet. But if that turns out to be a stumbling block, I will go ahead and make the flow chart if you can list what the major process steps are going to be and what sort of decision points there may be.
Free trial of flowchart software

For a few toys in the "bells and whistles" category, you can download a free trial of flowchart software here

The free trial limits the number of components you can load in a chart, but it is very intuitive and user-friendly - consider it the next step up from the flow chart stuff available in MS Word Drawing tools. The trial is not time limited.

It is not as slick as Visio or any of the pro tools, but should serve for the classroom experience.

Disclaimer - I have no connection with the company that makes this software.

Mary Davenport

Decision Process flow chart

The attached files were prepared jointly by Roberta, Mark, Eric, and Mary. They express the method used for deciding what material we would cover in our paper and who would be responsible for which sections. In addition there is a process flow diagram that we plan to use in our Operations Improvement plan that demonstrates bottlenecks that exist in the harvest process.


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