Weekly Honors



I remember that there were four (4) "honors" given each week that were "Gimme's:" The "Good Camper" and "Activity" were two that I remember for certain.

Jerry Hudson offered this information:

I, too, have tried to remember the four basic weekly
honors. Good camper, of course, and activities. How
about "tent neatness" and maybe something to do with
behaving yourself at mealtime? I'm pretty confident
about "tent neatness," but not the fourth. I guess
it's just a matter of figuring out the areas of life
where it would be important for them to have a club to
pound us into submission and keeping the tent neat and
your feet off the dining table would seem to fill the

Even though I bow to your superior memory of Tosebo
days, I'm 100% certain of the "tent neatness" honor,
it's that fourth one that stumps me. I always wanted
to listen in to one of those pow wows involving coach
and the counsellors as they discussed our progress or
lack of same.

Strong Bow

How quickly we forget. It's only been 35, 40, 45 years! THe four weekly honors were:
Good Camper



Work Honors. . . . Sweeping the boathouse. . waiting tables. . . barn boy. . . .chores on the hill such as reclaiming the miniature golf course from the encroaching forest. Some weeks I could earn about 3 work honors in addition to the 4 regular honors. As I recall, in order to recieve your yearly award--T, Pine Tree, Sailboat, Shield, chevron. You had to have some minimum number of "Good Camper honors". I think it took 5 to get the 25 honor T.
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