Weighing Scale Calibration


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Hi all,

A simple question for weighing scale calibration.
We have a standard weights set used to calibrate digital weighing scales.

Just confused with the previous calibration report, in which the used weights as "Nominal Value" was the actual value of the weights from the calibration certificate.
Now here is the scenario:
A certain standard mass weighs 1.00023 grams from the calibration certificate.
After the "Self calibration" of the weighing scale, it measures the standard mass as exactly 1.0000 grams...
Which prompts it to a correction of about -00023 grams...

Should we still put the standard mass of 1.00023 grams for Nominal Value? or simply follow the engravings on the mass that says "1g"?

Getting back to calibrating your scale.....

At a measured value of 1.00023 g it looks like you using something around a class 4 weight for the calibration
Whether or not this is adequate for your scale will depend upon its specifications. Let's say your scale has readability spec of 0.1 mg, repeatability of 0.1 mg, and linearity of 0.2 mg. It is common to add these to get a total accuracy specification of 0.4 mg If this is the case, then your calibration weight is only about twice as accurate as the scale is, this is not optimal. You would be better off with a weight that is at least 4 times more accurate than your scale.
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