Weighing Scale MSA (Measurement System Analysis)

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Stefanus Simbolon R

I Have weighingscale with resolution 0,001 gr, and it's used weighed my product with spec 100+- 0,08 gram, our customer recommends that product shall be weighed, and we do 3 times a day.
I am little bit confuse how to do its MSA. Repeatability had been high (59%) before we made cover and put my weighing scale in closed room. Now i use "stability" to validate measurement method .
- is it right if I use stability formula to validate ? if not, what method should be chosen to make sure our measurement system already ok,
- how to select a right method (bias, linearity, Stability or repeat and repro) to validate our measurement?

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I think you start with bias. if system is OK with bias, next step will be to calculate linearity to check whether system is OK at diferent master weights. if this too is OK, then study your system for stability to check whether system is OK with time.
I think study system for GRR at last, if Bias, Lineraity and Stability all are OK.

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start with repeatability.
if repeatability is poor all other results are effected.
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