Welcome to the Tosebo Ancients discussion forum!


Fully vaccinated are you?
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Welcome to the Tosebo Ancients discussion forum. This forum is only visible to those of you who I have specifically entered into the database.

Discuss away!

As an FYI - this forum will remain here and not be moved to my 'little' server. It is a monitored, stable FreeBSD server. Crashes are *extremely* rare.

Please take a minute and 'Reply' to this post to let me know you can reach the forum and are 'on board'.


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Present and semi accounted for!

Thanks for the inclusion Marc, Nice to be considered one of the boys!

BTW - How are you related to the camp? Looks like a fun place.

I see it's up for sale...with a temp offer? don't know if that is right but after the asking price of $1,300,000 it says Temp Off...


Fully vaccinated are you?
Staff member
Ah! Eileen! This may be fun for you to watch. I think you and Kevin Mader are both 'moderators at large' so you technically have access to every forum. I hadn't thought about that, but I'm sure no one will mind. It's just a small group of fellas who went to the same camp. I'm related by having gone there in 1960.

The initial pictures are at: http://elsmar.com/Tosebo for now. As soon as I get the 'little' server stabilized the pictures and such will be there. Well, they ARE there now. Yesterday thelittle server crashed. A hacker got the http server 'stuck'. So I still have some security mods to do before I keep all the pictures on the 'little' server.

Tosebo sorta reminds me of the old Disney 'Spin and Marty' series on the Mickey Mouse Club! 1966 was my first year to go to a summer camp - and it was Tosebo. My brothers went to Culver in Indiana. The 3 years following Tosebo I went to Culver as well, but it was nothing like Tosebo. Tosebo was everything Culver wasn't to a large degree.

Anyway, we old men are just having some fun remembering the fun in our past. Moderators at Large are welcome to visit!

E Wall

Just Me!
Trusted Information Resource
Need an icon with Eyes covered up...

Not being included is not a problem Marc. Even though I do have access I will respect your privacy and not drop in. (Please be assured I'm not offended in any way!) You guys ought to be able to have a place to chat/share freely.

My best to all...Play safe and have fun!
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