What About Pre-QS Products?



What kind of issues have you had with products that were designed and released prior to your becoming a "QS house?"

Certainly we don't need to show APQP compliance if the design cycle was completed prior to becoming QS. But what about PFMEAs, Control Plans, etc.? And once we pass the certification, how do you handle PPAPs?

We have several products that are Pre-QS. My intention is to say they are not QS and are not under the QS system. I did that previously in both QS and VDA 6.1 without a problem. But with different auditors. What do you all think? How are you handling these types of problems?


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My experience is you have to have PFMEA, control plan and such for current production items. I have seen clients 'get away with' not having DFMEAs. You have to have the base manufacturing info.

PPAPs are the same as normal.

I don't see why you can't do like you did in the past as far as non-QS products go. You qualify your systems, not your product anyway. PPAP and all the derivitive stuff is a customer requirement.

J Kay

Take a look at page 113 in the QS-9000, 3rd edition, manual reference to PPAPs, "PPAP Request" and PPAP Retroactivity. This may help you reference to your PPAP concerns.
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