What are Incoming and Outgoing Environmental Aspects in ISO 14001?



I am new to ISO 14000.

I hope experts here can help me in my problem.

How do I ensure compliance to 14000 for my Incoming and Outoging?
Do I need to have a checklist to ensure material brought in and out must be compliance to 14000?

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First of all you will need to identify your environmental aspects. That will provide you with the data you need to proceed with your system and procedures.

See ISO 14001:1996 A.3.1 Planning, for info on where to begin. We also have lots of people here with a much better ISO14001 competence than I do (I'm primarily a Q geek). I'm sure you'll get good advice from them.



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Although Claes is a Q geek, he is correct in that the key is your environmental aspects. What aspects are associated with you incoming materials (including packaging, trucking aspects, etc.)? What aspects are associated with your outgoing materials (once again include packaging - even the packaging that your customer has to deal with, transportation , etc.). A checklist might be useful, but by no means is required.

Your aspects (think of things you move, use, store, dispose of or spill) determine your objectives, which determine your targets, which determine your programs, by which your control your aspects.

Remember you need to consider those things you have control over, or can be expected to have an influence on.


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1st...Welcome to the Cove :bigwave:

2nd....At the top of this page are a whole bunch of buttons. You can either use the "SEARCH FORUMS" or "REGISTERED USERS" button, but you should look up "JUNE ANG". June is located in Singapore and has a real good handle on ISO 14001.

3rd......We don't comply with ISO 14001, we develop our systems to conform to its requirements. We comply with applicable leagal requirements.

4th...As to your "Incoming and Outgoing". You can do what you want. If you want or need a checklist, make one or don't. ISO 14001 doesn't care. What you need to do is just as db and Claes have stated. Do what 4.3.1 tells you to do, how you do it is your business. You also need to pay attention to potential issues related to 4.4.6 (c), this many times gets overlooked.

5th.......Contact June


thank you so much.

your advise has given me some idea.
I gonna put it in my apects list and have it as system audit. this way i can do without the checklist and save the hassle training my inspector at Incoming & Outgoing.

now i just need to identify those apects at that area.
Thanks alot.


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Make sure that you ask the folks that work in that area what they think...and document their input.

Contact June!
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