What are Regional or National Device Registries for Medical Devices?


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Registry as defined by EU is as follows: An organized system that continuously and consistently collects relevant data in conjunction with routine clinical care, evaluates meaningful outcomes, and comprehensively covers the population defined by exposure to particular device(s) at a reasonably generalizable scale (E.g. international, national, regional and health system) with a primary aim to improve the quality of patient care.

My question is there is a reference to the "Registry" in the Reactive part of Post Market Surveillance for Medical Devices, which is also known as "vigilance".

Does anyone know, how this system works? How a medical device is involved or connected to this registry? How can we gather data?

Your response will be very helpful, as I am working on an SOP for Post-Market Surveillance for EU. Thanks in advance :) Have a good day!



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Hi SK13485,
"Registry" is a very broad term. With regards to medical devices in the EU there is no such registry to speak off, but there are plans to do something like that; it's called EUDAMED (The European database for Medical Devices).

For the purpose of post-market surveillance, the closest I know off is the MHRA database for alerts and recalls for drugs and medical devices. You can use it for your PMS procedures along with the relevant FDA databases.



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Your definition appears to come from the IMDRF document "Tools for Assessing the Usability of Registries in Support of Regulatory Decision-Making" and not the EU.
MEDDEV 2.7/1 revision 4 defines it as:
"an organised system that uses observational study methods to collect defined clinical data under normal conditions of use relating to one or more devices to evaluate specified outcomes for a population defined by a particular disease, condition, or exposure and that serves predetermined scientific, clinical or policy purpose(s)."​
In some cases you can access these e.g. UK National Joint Registry allows prosthetic implant suppliers to download data extracts showing outcomes of procedures using their products:
Implant suppliers


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Thank you for the correction, clarification and for the links. Yes, I found the definition of Registry from MEDDEV 2.7.1/4 Clinical Evaluation guidance document (June 2016).

I believe, the manufacturers can conduct clinical studies based on age groups, treatments, other stats etc. by accessing these registries from healthcare/research facilities.

Good day!