What are the differences between TS16949 and QS9000?



What is the differences between TS16949 and QS9000? I don't understand. Please tell me.
Thank you very much.

Laura M

C'mon "students". Look at the rest of the forum. The answer to this question is out there - been discussed several times. Maybe someone will be nicer than me and answer you directly, but you can find what you're looking for if you take a little time.


Fully vaccinated are you?
There is a TS 16949 spreadsheet (TS-16949_Matrix.doc) in the pdf files directory. Use it and contrast it to the one for QS-9000.

Bottom line is they're prretty close to the same all in all.

Al Dyer

Think of QS-9000 as a "United States Automotive" Quality System Requirement.

Think of TS-16949 as a Technical Specification that will be accepted by the "American Automotive Companies" as an alternative to QS-9000 as long as you include their own requirements.


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